SF6 Gas Load Break Switch (three phase) (outdoor)

The SF6 LBS ( Gas Insulated Load Break Switch ) of THAI MAXWELL is designed to meet the demands of oilless, maintenance free operation and DAS (Distribution Automation System) application. It integrate the
current sensing device inside the tank case, so without any extra cost, it can be connected with RTU for DAS application.

The SF6 LBS of THAI MAXWELL uses the SF6 gas insulating and arc quenching , and combined with unique puffing technics, it ensures the safe & long life load current switching. The basic quick make and quick
brake, operator independent mechanism is very simple and reliable and installed inside the SF6 tank case, so no corrosion and maintenance free operation is achieved.

The motor parts located in mechanism box ( out side the SF6 tank case ) just drive the power to the main shaft during electrical operation only, so in any case it reserves all the benefit of simplicity and reliability of manual mechanism.

Product Feature And Benefit

  • SF6 gas insulation, SF6 gas interruption.
  • Pure puffer technics, no leakage current path between open contacts.
  • Short arcing time (0.5 cycles), heavy tulip contacts with Tungsten – cooper arc resistant contact material ensures more than 5 times making current, more than 400 times load current switchings.
  • At atmospheric gas pressure, it ensures the rated insulation, interruption ratings.
  • Tig welded stainless steel tank case and double sealing technics with EPDM rubber ensures the sealed for life characteristics.

Product Application

Factories, hotels, hospitals, residential buildings and any facility / premises which require electricity.

Product Standard

  • International Standard IEC 60265-1
  • International Quality Management System ISO 9000 : 2008

Product Range

No. of poleFrequencyRated voltag Rated curren
Triple poles 50 Hz 24, 36 kV 400, 630 A