Cast resin dry-type transformer(three phase)(outdoor)

Insulation for coil or foil winding is epoxy resin which is cast under vacuum conditions. Compared to oil type transformers, it has a better appearance and modern look. It is also a cleaner technology as there is no messy mineral oil involved during operation or maintenance.

Product Feature And Benefit

  • easy and low expense maintenance where inspection by qualified engineer and cleaning required once a year only*
  • longer insulation and product usage lifetime
  • reduces expensive wiring expenses and electrical losses for low voltage electrical system as transformer is installed nearer the center of load usage
  • able to increase capacity (kVA) by installing additional forced air fans when specified by client before the design process
  • helps the aesthetics of the building site as the transformer is installed inside the building out of public view and uses minimal space
  • can be designed and manufactured to any special requirements

Product Application

  • Suitable for installation inside a building, e.g. hospitals, educational facilities, residential or commercial buildings.

Product Standard

  • thai Industrial Standard TISI 384-2543
  • international Standard IEC
  • international Standard IEEE Std.
  • international Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • can be designed and manufactured to any requirements

Product Range

No. of phaseFrequencyPrimary voltageRated power
3 phase 50 or 60 Hz up to 36 kV 50 - 8000 kVA
Can be designed and manufactured to any special requirements