LV Cast resin window / ring type current transformer (single phase) (indoor/outdoor)

This low voltage (LV) window/ring dry-type current transformer is insulated with cast resin. It can achieve accuracy class of 0.6. It is typically installed inside metering cabinets or indoor/outdoor areas with limited space. The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) of Thailand has been acquiring this range of TME current transformers for use in their metering system since 2003 to substitute imported products.

Product Feature And Benefit

  • High accuracy class
  • Small footprint signature (size and weight)
  • Easy handling and installation
  • High safety properties
  • Manufactured in compliance with international standards
  • Long product usage lifetime
  • Quality equivalent to imported products
  • Faster and more convenient delivery compared to imported products
  • Can be designed and manufactured to any special requirements

Product Application

  • To convert current input from the electrical system to an output required by the electricity meter to read current and power consumption for electricity bill calculation. Installed together with current metering systems and/or protection relays in main distribution boards/metering cabinets or indoor/outdoor installation areas with limited spaces.

Product Standard

  • International Standard ANSI/IEEE C57.13, IEC 60044-1
  • International Quality Management System ISO 9001

Can be designed and manufactured to any requirements

Product Range

No. of phaseFrequencyPrimary voltageRated current
Single 50 Hz 0.72 kV 200-400 A
Can be designed and manufactured to any special requirements