Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS)

Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS)

This system monitors power supply of transformers online. Users can select the appropriate system according to any size of transformer as they desire for the efficient management of power supply in convenient and quick way. The system shows real time power usage through the internet anywhere, anytime.

Product Feature And Benefit

  • Shows power supply data of transformers anytime such as voltage, current, kVA, kW, kVAR, pf
  • Shows status of transformers such as temperature, pressure, oil level
  • Alert system for power outages and unbalanced three phases in high voltage side
  • Alert system when voltage is over or under and when unbalanced current exceeds the settings
  • Able to self-customize an alert system such as %Unbalance, Over/Under Voltage, %Load
  • Can browse historical data anytime
  • Can report power usage
  • Store data on cloud to prevent data loss
  • Able to connect online via Wi-Fi, blue tooth or 3G/4G mobile network
  • Has analytical function to report power usage for power efficiency
  • Has GPS system locating installation site of transformers
  • Can record maintenance reports
  • Able to back up using SD card or USB type C

Product Application

An online monitoring system for power supply of transformers which can be installed in transformers in every business and industry such as
  • Industrial factory or commercial building for efficient power usage
  • MEA or PEA to reduce loss in supply system

Product Location

  • Able to install inside or outside a premise
  • Able to install in transformers or separate from transformers